Trying to migrate email from PST to Hotmail; large emails break the connector with 'Network operation failed'

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Philip Colmer

I've recently moved from an ISP's POP3 service over to Hotmail. I'm using Outlook 2010 with the Hotmail connector. The connector is 32-bit, version 14.0.5117.5000.

In the main, Outlook is able to synchronise with Hotmail without too many problems. However, as I drag emails from the personal store (PST file) to Hotmail, I appear to have hit a bit of a brick wall. Some of the emails I've got are quite big and when I try to put them into my Hotmail store, subsequent attempts to synchronise break with "Network operation failed". If I remove the errant email back to the PST store, synchronisation resumes again.

Any suggestions on how I can get these large emails into Hotmail, or if the Connector team might be able to fix this problem?


Philip Colmer

Thanks for the confirmation, Diane.

Do you happen to know if the 4MB limit only affects Outlook when you are trying to sync email UP to Hotmail, or will I also hit a problem if someone sends a very large email to my Hotmail account and Outlook then tries to sync it down to local storage?

Hopefully the connector team will be able to resolve it soon ...



Diane Poremsky

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i honestly don't know if both directions are affected. I know all the complaints involved outlook syncing up, usually after sending a large file, and don't recall any complaints about downloading large files. But that's no guarentee they aren't affected.
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