Exchange 2010 change attachment file limit

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Actually on my Exchange 2010, i have a limitation for attachment:

10 Mb on Outlook and 5 Mb on OWA

Where could i change the size limit for OWA client?

Thanks in advance

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Really? I didn't think you can set different limits. Learn something new every day. :) Oh, do you use multiple Exchange servers? I know you can set up different connectors for each server and if owa is on its own server, you could set up a connector for it. To check - go to Exchange console and check the org. configuration, hub transport, Send connectors tab - is there one there for the OWA servers?

It's also possible to create policies for OWA, these are created in org configuration, client access, but i don't see attachment size listed as one of the things you can control.

ETA: only the admin can check these settings or change them; its not something a user can change.


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Outlook version
Outlook 2013 32 bit
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Exchange Server 2010
Did you ever get the answer to this? I discovered this today:

The admin needs to edit the web.config file (program files, microsoft, exchange server, clientaccess, owa) and change the

<httpruntime maxrequestlenght="size your attachment"> size. Save file then restart Exchange server.
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