Outlook 2003 - Godaddy email cannot connect

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Activated a new email account on my assistants computer. Our webhosting is through godaddy. We can send and receive emails through godaddy email and the outlook email test seems to be working fine, but I'd rather use our existing outlook 2003 which is on this computer. Seems there is something not working between outlook and godaddy's servers. Tried the autoconfigure on the godaddy website. Doesn't work. Godaddy tech support couldnt solve problem. Help please!

Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

What, specifically, happens when you try to configure Outlook to connect with GoDaddy?

What anti-virus software are you using?

What "Outlook email test" is working fine?

Ruchi Bisht

Do you get any error message?

Ensure that the account settings that are set in Outlook are correct. If you are using a wireless internet connection, try a wired one and verify the status. Also check with the router settings

Ruchi Bisht
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