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I have recently upgraded to a new desktop with Windows 7, Office 2010 Professional Edition.

I set my email account identical to my old PC.

I use an IMAP email account. I can send email but not receive.

My email host confirmed my connections and settings. They were able to see my attempt to download my email, without success.

Never any issues on XP?


Thank you for responding.

There were no error mesages at all.

Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

What, specifically, is your mail host seeing? When it fails to download they must be seeing some kind of status message?

What anti-virus software are you using?

Are you sure the messages aren't being delivered to a different Inbox from the one you're looking at? Have you looked at the Folder List (CTRL+6) to confirm there aren't any other Inboxes in your profile?