Using Inbox as 'Active' tray, with both incoming and 'sent' mail, with senders and receivers displayed.

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My company has recently migrated from Lotus Notes to Outlook 2007. In Notes, I used the 'Inbox' as my 'Active' tray. I had e-mails I had sent (that were awaiting a reply) displayed; together with e-mails I had received and that were awaiting a response from me.

The Notes Inbox displayed the sender for e-mails I'd received and the receiver for e-mails I'd sent,all in the same column.

In Outlook, I have set up a rule to copy 'sent' e-mails to the Inbox, but it appears the only way I can get the receiver to be displayed is to also add the 'To' column (which clutters the screen). Otherwise, all that is shown is me as the sender in the 'from' column.

Is there a way in Outlook that will show (in the Inbox) the receiver (for e-mails I've sent) and the sender (for e-mails I've received) in the same column?


Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

No. Sender and Receiver are separate columns in Outlook. You can certainly customize your view (View | Current View | Customize...) to add both columns onto the same view, but they are separate pieces of information.
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