Junk Mail filter not working for all blocked addresses

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Recently my junk mail filter stopped blocking addresses that are in my blocked addresses list. Even when a message comes in and I tell it to block it, the message gets moved to junk mail folder and is in the blocked address list but the next time the message comes in it is not blocked.

I am also running Norton Suite but have spam turned off.

I have reviewed a similar question "Junk email filter on Outlook 2003 is not blocking email..." and it is the exact problem I'm having. There was no solution to the problem listed. I have reviewed all suggestions in that question and none fixed problem.

Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

What kind of account is this? POP3? IMAP? Hotmail? Exchange? Something else?

Vinay - G

Check if the sender's name is on both the Safe Senders List and the Blocked Senders List.
To reduce the possibility of messages that you want mistakenly being marked as junk e-mail messages, the names or e-mail addresses on the Safe Senders List take precedence over names on the Blocked Senders List. Remove the name from the Safe Senders List.

You can create a new profile and check if it helps:-

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