How to remove blank lines, globally, from outgoing e-mail

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L. Albright

We have an outlook e-mail account set up to use with a 3rd party internet fax company. and it's generating a blank first page due to the fact that our outgoing e-mails have 3 blank lines in the body of them. I don't know how to remove those 3 lines permanantly, for everyone. I don't want everyone to have to remember to delete the 3 blank lines before sending out the e-mail. If anyone can tell me how to remove them from all outgoing e-mails from that account, I'd appreciate it.


Francine Otterson

Do you use signatures feature in Outlook. There might be extra spaces. In the signature, plcae the insertion point after the last character in the line. Press delete, then press shift+enter.

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Francine Otterson Owner/Chief Technologist Service Desk West
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