Having problems with taking items out of one folder and sending them into inbox or sending items back to my e-mail address of Email removed for privac

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I'll give a day for someone to respond. Anyway, I'm trying to move all my E-Mails into my inbox folder and I'm failing significantly. I have now accidentally quadruplically duplicated my deleted items folder (which contains many of my inbox messages. I've tried sending back my messages to my E-Mail account of kenhjerpe@yahoo.com and it won't let me do that. I'm open to suggestions. If not, I'll call Microsoft tomorrow and spend another $39 to have them teach me how to merge my files so I can sync them into my PDA.


Ken Hjerpe

Hal Hostetler - Print-Imaging [MVP]

So, how are you going about moving them? Drag and Drop usually works, open a folder select a message or messages, left click, hold, and drag them to the folder you want them. What version of Outlook is this?


Raju S Das

What is the type of email account configured in Outlook (POP, HTTP or IMAP)?

Check if you your email account can be configured as an IMAP account, as an this account type allows you to drag and drop the emails to Inbox, which synchronizes the emails to the server.
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