Outlook 2007 Error - Freezing upon start-up, extend.dat error.

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I have had Outlook 2007 installed for a few years, has been working fine all the time. I go back in today, just a few hours after it was all fine, and it tells me about an error involving extend.dat. I follow internet forums who tell me to rename it to extend.old, but it does nothing. I also run outlook.exe /resetnavpane, but it has the same effect, and does not help.

Every time I now enter Outlook, it freezes very quickly and does not respond almost straight away - before it was instantaneous.




You are using an OL data file created by 2007 or 2003 versions?

Running scanpst.exe does it find / correct err's in the data file?

And if you start OL using the safe switch, how does it behave?

Finally have you run a HD check?

Vinay - G

Did you try working in Outlook safe?

Try the following steps:

Click on Start > All Programs > Accessories > Run > Copy and Paste the following command in the open box and press Enter.

Outlook /safe

1. If Outlook safe works as expected, disable the add-ins for it using the following steps:

2. Click on File menu, click Options > Add-ins > Go button besides Manage: Com-in Add.

3. Check if there are add-ins listed, clear the checkbox to disable them.

4. Close the Office program and restart it.

5. Disable each add-in one at a time, restart the Outlook, and repeat the above procedure. If the issue reappears again, it will help you to determine which add-in is causing this issue.

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