Microsoft Outlook 2007 emails are sending but staying in Outbox & send items are not in Sent box

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Yesterday I noticed all the emails I've been sending are staying in the Outbox - even though they have been sent. Also no emails at all are showing in the Sent Items. I have checked the Email Options & a tick is present in save copies of messages in Sent items folder.

This only started yesterday. I have uninstalled office & reinstalled to see if it would fix the problem/

Hal Hostetler - Print-Imaging [MVP]

Often an Anti Virus email scanner issue, are you running one?Hal


Ganesh Kumar N

What type of email account do you use? (e.g., POP, IMAP or exchange)

This helps to check if the issue is caused due to any non-Microsoft services conflicting with outlook applications.

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Ganesh Kumar N
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