WINDOWNS LIVE SETTINGS / ADVANCED / REPLY E-MAIL (does not reply to email selected)

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I am using Outlook 2007 with outlook connector.

I have set up the outlook connector this way.


tools/options/mail setup (tab)/ e-mail accounts/change/advanced>>/other user information/Reply E-mail /me@other

The reply email should be - but it does not work

When I receive an email that comes it will only reply using the same -

I can of course change to the email reply account, but it does not automaticlly do so.

Since the option is available to reply using a different email address and it does not reply using a different email address, can someone tell how to fix the problem?

Gordon B-P

I think you are mis-understanding the function of "Reply email" . That address is used by your RECIPIENTS when they reply to an email YOU sent, NOT when YOU reply to an email.

When you reply to an email in Outlook, Outlook will always use the account that the email was received by to reply, unless you tell it otherwise AT THE POINT OF REPLYING.


Thank for clearing that up for me. I also found you can use Pop3 with Hotmail on Outlook.

Outlook how to configure Pop3 on Outlook with Hotmail.


Unfortunately you need to know what outgoing server to enter into the field in outlook settings.

But if you open outlook and select tools, and account settings from the drop down,

Select change, and more settings, and click the advanced tab, it will show you what your settings are now set on, but you do not want to change these setting, you'll have to add not change, this just shows you what your settings are now, as an example.

This is where support from a third party servers email service comes in handy, because you already have pop3 going to your outlook account, and you want to add another pop3 to a hotmail account, and it would probably be nice to keep a copy of the emails in outlook in case hotmail freaks out, and that is very likely to happen.

So adding another pop3 account needs a outgoing pop3 code to hotmail, which hotmail will have to tell you that, or your domain name server would know this code to enter into the field.
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