Outlook 2010 - Scheduling Assistant issue, "Cannot open this item"

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We received this helpdesk ticket on 9/16/10. I have searched for information on this ever since, with no luck. Since that time a few other users have let me know of the same thing in their Outlook 2010. Our Outlook 2007 users do not have this problem. Please let me know if you have heard of this or know of a fix...

" In Outlook 2010, I am trying to reschedule a meeting. If I am in the Scheduling Assistant view, I previously had the ability (using Outlook 2007) to rest my cursor on another meeting, then click on it to open the details. I am not able to do this any more, and receive the error message below:

Microsoft Outlook Cannot open this item.

This happens regardless of the meeting(s) I try to access."
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