Re: Outlook 2010 - Email folders sorting constantly changing

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nay, i have the same issue since the upgrade last week

is there any solution for this



Tim in STL

I have a related, and perhaps the same, problem.

I am running Outlook 2010 with all the latest updates. When I have selected the Mail icon and the Home tab I have a list of folders in the left most section of my Outlook window. My symptom is that I have a second level folder that contains 10 or fifteen third level folders and this group of 3 level folders is listed in reverse alphabetical order even though other sub folder lists are in proper ascending alphabetical order. I have no idea how long this has been true. There is nothing special I know of regarding this sub-group of folders other than there common parent folder. I checked probably 10 or so groups and only one is sorted incorrectly. I have many folders (~20 at the first level) and I have no idea how many sub-folder groups may suffer from this incorrect sort order.


Having the same issues with Outlook 2010 with current upgrades. Folders are changing locations in the left navigation - no longer alpha, usually one or two. If I move the folder inside another folder and pull it back out to the top level folder, it returns to the original (correct) location. Unfortunately, it eventually moves back. Very strange.
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