Outlook 2007 Can't send messages and get each time i send message a - NDR Messages form Outlook 2007

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Current state:

Notebook Dell XPS 1330, Windows 7 porffessional pl ,Outlook 2007 from Small Bussines Pack
All patches are aplied to notebook. Software from HTC smartphone is used to synchronize contact's, messages, and calendar
with installed in notebook Outlook 2007. - Outlook 2007 is configured with pop3, smtp klient - and testing from this place (when configuring
-email-pop3 account) configuration look that all works fine.
Contacts, calendar and messages were imported from Outlook 2007 installed on Vista on the same nootebook.
I can't send messages to some people from address book.
I'll get such simple message form Outlook 2007 witout any additions:

Your message did not reach some or all of the recipients.
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Posted on: 2010-10-15 17:30
The following recipient could not be reached:
sample on 2010-10-15 17:30
@adres.com.plYou can use any of your e-mail can not send to this recipient.

I can send messages to other people.

I can send messages to sample@admin.pl from other programs.

How to resolve this error ? I'm in big trouble.

Harry Yuan


From your description, I understand that you cannot send emails to the persons in your address book, and receive NDR messages.

Verify that the electronic addresses in your address book view are valid and resolved.

State how your Contacts were created and how your address book view was configured.

Do not leave out your Outlook version and mail transport.


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