Removal of Beta Test 2010 Office eliminated my 2007 version as well. Huge OneNote files now unavailable.

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Recently, I responded to a deletion demand from Microsoft for the beta-test program and complied, expecting that my 2007 Office would be returned to it's original state. Imagine my surprise when I found that everything was removed, including my OneNote program where I kept all my data, including registration, etc. How do I go about getting my 2007 version back?

Also, I can't find my outlook contacts and this is creating a real problem for me in reaching people I communicate with on a daily basis.

I'm using Vista Home Premium on an Acer laptop. It also deleted setup files for 2007 version.

Jennifer Zhan


I suggest you uninstall office 2010 and office 2007 completely and then re-install office 2007.

If you cannot uninstall office from control panel, you can refer to this KB article:

After re-installing office 2007, if you still cannot find your outlook contacts, you can try to repair your PST file.

How to find and run the Inbox Repair tool in Outlook, you can refer to this KB article:

Hope that helps.
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