Business Contact Manager 2010 upgrade from Beta - new version does not recognize old version's database

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I have been using Office 2010 and BCM 2010 beta versions since 1/1/2010 on my XP machine. I had to upgrade (buy) Office 2010 when the beta version was no longer supported as of 11/1/2010. I bought Office Professional Academic 2010 and successfully upgraded. I then followed the steps to download and install BCM 2010. It required me to delete the previous beta BCM version first. All went fine until my BCM data base came up and there was no data, even though the database name was the same as I was previously using. My conclusion is that the release of BCM that I downloaded was not the same as the beta version. I came to that conclusion when I restored my BCM database from an "SBB" backup I took last May (unfortunately that was my most recent official BCM backup). I received a message that that backup version was "4.0.9310.0" and it needed to be converted to the new version "4.0.9812.0". I converted it and I now have a BCM database, albeit from May of 2010.

My question: does anyone know of a way I can access my current BCM database, which is in the old format, with the new version of BCM? I don't relish the idea of re-entering a bunch of data.



Teresa Walker

Hi Bruce,

The retail version of Business Contact Manager 2010 should have seen your database when you upgraded and should have upgraded it for you if need be.

You said that you had the database in your profile but it was blank and that you stored a backup from May. If that was your actual database and that you restored to then if there were any data there then the restore would have overwritten everything that was there.

If you search your machine for .mdf and .ldf files, do you have more than one set with the name that your original database was? If so, what is the dates and size of those?

Regards, Teresa Microsoft Online Community Support