Business Contact Manager 2010 with Exchange 2003 Server : Calendaring Issue

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A client has installed Office 2010 and decided to utilize Business Contact Manager 2010 migrating data from ACT! 2009. The only issue that has popped up is that it seems the office admin cannot set appointments within BCM for multiple people without having to set the appointment for themselves as well. The alternative is setting the appointment directly in the participants calendar, however if multiple people are invited the appointment would need to be manually linked to BCM several times.

Is there a way to set the appointments without the creator [who will not be a participant] needing this added to their personal calendar.

Teresa Walker

Hi SecureStream,

Just to clarify that you are wanting an appointment and not a meeting. An Appointment is just on the users calendar and does not have any attendees on it.

If you are wanting a meeting with all the attendees included then a meeting request will have to be sent out. There is no way the Admin can send this meeting request from her mailbox without being included in the meeting. If the admin has send on behalf Of rights to one of the users in the meeting, a meeting request could be sent out from the admin on behalf of that user and the meeting will not be in the Admins calendar.

If you are wanting an appoinment, Outlook 2010 has a new feature called Schedule View that we could use to make it easier for the admin to create the appointment on the users calendars.

When the Admin has all the calendars displayed in Outlook (and has permissions to write to the calendars), if the Calendars are not displayed in a Horitzonal View, click the Schedule View button on the Arrange Tab of the Calendar Ribbon. Here is a screenshot.

The Calendars should now appear horizontally instead of vertical.

The admin could then create the appointment on the first users calendar and then copy it to the other users calendar.

Not the ideal situation but it may be a viable workaround if an appointment will work for you.
Regards, Teresa Microsoft Online Community Support
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