Outlook 2007 appointment reschedule - strange behaviour in invitee calendars

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Exchange2003 and OL2007 clients, all patched to same level. NOT operating in Cached mode.

Meeting invite sent by user A. Invitation emails visible in Sent Items, appointment appears as Busy in the organiser's calendar, and Tentative in the calendars of the invited parties. One invitee confirms, their calendar shows the appointment, status Busy.

UserA reschedules meeting. His calendar reflects this accurately. The invitee who had not confirmed, still has the Tentative original appointment

Do you have to Confirm a meeting invite before you get updated / informed of a re-schedule ?

many thanks for any assistance - very concerned user



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Hi Nick,

With Exchange 2003 and Outlook 2007, the item should adjust to the new time without having to Accept the original Meeting Invite. The Outlook Sniffer will place the Meeting's Associated Appointment into the user's Calendar with a Tentative status set.

Provided the Outlook Sniffer is functioning properly and the meeting item's PR_PROCESSED prop is set to False. I've seen it happen where something (Handheld device!) has modified the meeting item (Request or Update) and caused PR_PROCESSED to be set to True. With the prop's value set to " True" , the Outlook Sniffer will never process the item and the associated Appointment in the Calendar will never be updated. The user would necessarily need to open the Meeting and process it themselves. --Click Accept so that it is entered into the Calendar with the correct status and times.

If the Sniffer is the issue, things to look for:

Use OutlookSpy or MFCMapi to verify the value of the Meeting's PR_PROCESSED property. If it's True, then your going to have to Accept the Meeting Invite or Update to process the item.

The Sniffer will run on an idle thread, so check for COM Add-ins or other applications that might be keeping Outlook from hitting an idle thread.

Hope that helps. Or at least gets you started. :)

Take care and I hope you have a Great Weekend!

Jahawk MSFT
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