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I have 25 email accounts setup in a single Outlook session mostly 23 Godday, yahoo and hotmail accout.

Outlook was working before 10/11/2010, then there were an update for MS Office and Outlook. Since then when I launched outlook, there are 50 tasks - 2 per account, the application will success check most receive and then hang, after I cancelled all tasks, I couldn't send/receive mail, even after I closed the outlook, the OUTLOOK will run forever (Outlook icon on left bottom bar indicating outlook is closing), I have tried to let it run for 12 hours, and then I have to terminate the process and when I re-launched, some email account worked.

I have removed the Microsoft outlook update, then the same result appeared.

I spoke to Godday support team, they indicated the update may change the default port from 80 to 25, which I checked and changed back to port 80, and during each change, I have checked with account setup and test email received - they worked.

I would appreciate if everyone can help me.

Best regards,



I am running Windows 7 professional 32 bits and latest outlook


I am running Windows 7 professional 32 bits and latest outlook
Sorry it should be Godaddy.

Harry Yuan

Hi, Smartview

Try a new Outlook profile to test the issue:

Test with a new Outlook profile

1. Exit Outlook.

2. Go to Start > Control Panel, click or double-click Mail.

3. Click Show Profiles. Choose Prompt for a profile to be used.

4. Click Add.

5. Type a name for the profile, and then click OK.

6. Start Outlook, and choose this new profile.

If this problem does not occur in the new Outlook profile, the old Outlook is corrupted. You can delete that and use a new Outlook profile.



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