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we have some Terminal Servers (Windows 2008 R2 + XenApp 6)in our environment. We want to use the instant search feature. so i have put the ost file on a other server which is indexed.

the problem is every time i logon on another server my index is built up from scratch

what is the solution for using instant search on terminal servers ??


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Well, to set your expectations accordingly, you'll probably want to open a Support Incident on this issue. There are just so many variables that will need to be covered and checked. Enough that working the issue through a forum would be probably impossible.

But, I will throw what I can at you and hopefully it will help point the way to the resolution. :)

1. When you logged on and the Index started to rebuild, did you let it complete?

2. What is the location you're Indexing to? --Click File | Options | Search | Indexing Options | Advanced

- The default will be <Root drive>:\ProgramData\Microsoft

- I have no idea what this would be in a TS environment.

3. Was Outlook started on the Terminal Server while it was still in Install mode?

- I have seen that create a situation where user A logs on and uses Outlook. User A logs off and then user B logs on. The index Outlook sees is for user A. Since this is user B, the index needs to be built.

- Did you switch back to Execute mode before launching Outlook the first time? --You don't want to run Outlook (or any other Office applications, for that matter) in Install mode.

4. Please read through the following post. It's the same question you have except for Outlook 2007. http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/winserverTS/thread/92edb935-3e55-4db7-bd09-3b9e0aeb15f7

That's all I have. If this doesn't help, I would suggest calling in and opening Microsoft Support incident.

Please visit the following link for details on the various support options available to you: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?id=fh;en-us;offerprophone


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Hi back :)

let me explain it again " the full version" :)

we have 30 Terminal Servers (Windows 2008 R2 + XenApp 6) in our environment. I am currently testing Office 2010 and have read somewhere in the net that instant search is only available with cached mode. So i enabled it for my user put the OST File with the registry setting ForceOSTPath on another servershare where windows search is enabled. i thougt cool i think thats it but no, windows search has also to run on the terminalserver so i enabled it there also.

logged in let the index complete and it works fine. (Index is stored on C:\ProgramData\Microsoft....). then i logged off and logged in on another server and because there is no index of my outlook it started again.

i do not hope that i am the only person who would love instant search on terminal servers :)

Thanks for any help.



With Outlook 2010 in Cached Exchange mode, we're using Windows Desktop Search for Instant Search. That being said, we'd need to engage our Windows team to find out exactly what happens when the Index is built.

On Win2008 R2, with Terminal Services enable; Outlook profiles are configured for Cached Exchange mode and the OST files are stored on a servershare where Windows Search is enabled. " Index location:" is the default value of ...\ProgramData\Microsoft.

When a user logs on to ServerA, the Index is built and Instant Search in Outlook works fine.

User logs of ServerA and logs onto ServerB, Index again is built.

Why would Windows Index the same Outlook data again?

I summarized the issue above, in case you wanted to ping the Windows 2008 forums first to get their take on the issue. If you don't want to look elsewhere for the answer, I'd suggest calling and opening a Support Incident with the Outlook team. The Outlook team will be able engage the Windows teams when\if needed.

Sorry I could not give you a quick answer to this one.

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Hi everyone,

an alternative as instant search in Outlook on terminal servers is Lookeen. It may not be free but see for yourself whether it is worth the money. Here you can find a 14-days trial version.

Best regards

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