I get a COM class error when i open Outlook after un-installing Trend Micro client

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Ian Stanton

I get the following error when open outlook after I un-install Trend Micro Worry-free client: Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {7ED1E9B1-CB57-4FA0-84E8-FAE653FE8E6B} failed due to the following error: 80040154

I have serarched the regestry for this CLSID but I cannot find it. I also have no clue if I need to regester or unregester a .dll and if I do what .dll it might be

Jennifer Zhan


Please have a look at this to check if it suits your need:

When you run the .net Code in X64 Environment you will get the following error message.

" Failed --Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID ...."

E.g. in CMS Export / Import server side .net code = "ExportSiteContentIncremental(...) Failed --Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {CA0752B3-021C-4F99-82E3-2C0F19C5E953} failed due to the following error: 80040154."


The possible workaround is modify your project's platform from 'Any CPU' to 'X86' (in Project's Properties, Build/Platform's Target)


The VSS Interop is a managed assembly using 32-bit Framework and the dll contains a 32-bit COM object. If you run this COM dll in 64 bit environment, you will get the error message.

Hope that helps.

Ian Stanton

Maybe I was not clear. I did not program anything. I am not a programmer. I did not install anything. I was UN-installing Trend Micro Worry Free business client.


Hi Ian,

Was Trend Micro loaded and running when you installed Office and\or went through the first-run of Outlook?

I ask because I have seen issues before where an anti-virus program was running during the install of Outlook and it resulted in Outlook "needing" the AV app from there on out.

I would suggest running a Repair of Office, first. If the Repair runs successfully, hopefully Outlook will launch without error.

If Repair fails to resolve the issue, I would suggest doing a complete removal of Office. Once Office has been removed, disable any anti-virus you may have running and then reinstall Office.

Additionally, if you want to try and troubleshoot the CLSID error you're getting, I'd start with getting a Process Monitor trace while you attempt to open Outlook.

Once you have the PML, I'd start by adding a filter for path contains {7ED1E9B1-CB57-4FA0-84E8-FAE653FE8E6B}

See if that will help. My thoughts are that that CLSID is part of the no longer present Trend Micro. So you'll probably see Outlook trying to find it and returning NOT FOUND, which could result in the error you're seeing.

Anyways, I hope that helps!

Jahawk MSFT

Ian Stanton

It actually turned out to be a combination between our accounting software called Maxwell and Trend Micro. I had uninstalled and reinstalled office to no avail, then Friday, one of the accounts hit a wrong button in outlook and the error came up again. It turns out that there is a feature that lets you send email from outlook directly into Maxwell. No one here uses that feature so we only saw the error when outlook started up. It turns out that the anti-spam feature in Trend Micro was putting a programming hook into the Maxwell directory and when Trend Micro was removed this caused the error. The quick solution was to uninstall and reinstall Maxwell since we have a small accounting department. This would not be a solution if we had a larger accounting department. I feel that this is very poor programming on Trend Micro's part. I should not have to uninstall and reinstall another software program to get rid on an error created by Trend Micro.
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