Outlook 2007 default delivery location changes - 2 accounts

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I have a client that is running Outlook 2007 and has a POP and Exchange account setup within it. Default delivery location for Exchange should be the " Mailbox" and the POP is supposed to go to a separate PST. When I set this, a few days later the POP account somehow decides to start delivering to the Mailbox location.

There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason and the user definitely isn't making the change on their own.

Teresa Walker

Hi MVarre,

I am not aware of any known issues with this configuration.

A couple of things that I would check.

Which account is the default?

Is the POP Account to a mailbox on the Exchange server or to a third party ISP?

If a third party is the user using a POP connector to download mail?

There may be some third party addin or dll that is causing some problems.

Without troubleshooting this in depth it would be hard to determine what is causing this issue.

If you wish to pursue that, I would suggest you open a support ticket with Microsoft to torubleshoot this issue.

If you do not want to open a ticket you could try creating a rule on the Exchange account that all incoming mail addressed to user@pop.com is moved to a folder in the Pop PST as a workaround.

Regards, Teresa Microsoft Online Community Support


Teresa, i appreciate your response however I will be hard-pressed to spend money to to fix a problem that shouldn't exist in the first place.

This is a fresh install of windows and Office 2007. There arent any 3rd party add-ins installed. The POP account is for a 3rd party ISP and is not associated with the Exchange account in any way. The problem with creating a rule is that the message will still go to the exchange mailbox, synchronize with exchange then the rule will need to run. That's an awful lot of needless chatter for something that decides to change its settings on its own.
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