folder missing after restoring from outlook.pst

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I am using Windows XP, Outlook 2007. I had to change my HDD, so I backup my email to outlook.pst on my USB. After restoring my my outlook.pst, there are many folders missing.

Could someone help me to retrieve my folders? My outlook.pst is 2.9GB. Is there any oversize limit problem?

Anxiously waiting for an answer.

Matthew Lau


Hi Matthew!

First off I have a couple questions. First being, how did you restore the PST. Did you use an import wizard by chance? You can simply setup outlook and then open the PST, this WILL have all your folders as it will simply be loading the file, just make sure you copy it to the harddrive and not over USB or it will be slower than expected.

Second question I have would be when the PST file was created? If it was created in Outlook 2007 then you shouldnt have to worry about size limits. If you got it up to 2.9 without errors, then I would be VERY surprised if you PST wasnt already UniCode (thats what got PST's past the 2gb limit)

Using the import wizard can have mixed results to be honest, best to keep it seperate from the new outlook profile, and just add it as a data container and move what you need back into your inbox if need be. Nothing wrong with a little house cleaning and a PST file as a storage cabnet, will always help the performance of outlook by keeping the default PST at a reasonable size.

Hope that helps!

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