Outlook folder path changing automatically when move or delete Item from custom task folder which is installed in Exchange 2010 sared mailbox

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I have two Task folders named Assigned Tasks and Completed
Tasks with custom task form in it. Assigned Task items will
move from Assigned Task Folder to Completed Task Folder when
task is completed. when we either move or delete a Item from
folder and immediately try to open an existing Item in the
same folder without performing any action.the folder path
changes automatically after the move or delete of the item,
from the correct path (for e.g. \\Mailbox - SharedMailbox
\Test\CCS50200\Assigned Tasks) to a wrong path (\\Mailbox -
Shared Mailbox). The funny thing is the path automatically
corrects if you perform any action like clicking on some other
folder or restart outlook etc.
I am not able to understand the reason behind this.
Exchange server: 2010
Outlook: 2007
Note: I have problem when folders installed under share Mail
Box and its working fine if I install folders under public
Thanks in Advance.

Abdias Ruiz

It seems to be a timing issue. One thing that may help prevent an item from having two possible paths is to ensure that the shared folders are not being synchronized to your local .OST (offline folders file). By default, Outlook 2007 caches non-mail, shared folders to your .OST. Please review the following article for details on disabling the caching of shared folders for specific mailboxes: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/936247.

Another thing that may cause the "move" to not be processed completely is the use of third-party add-ins. The following article explains how to troubleshoot potential performance issues caused by add-ins: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/940226.

Thank you,

Abdias Ruiz [MSFT]
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