Outlook calendar view changes from 'Day/View/Month' to 'All Appointments' automatically

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Before describing the problem, I would like to give you a better understanding of the environment.

- 1 user (top executive)

- 15 computers at multiple location. Each location is on a different connection speed anything from corporate LAN to satellite connection.

- Each machines is configured with Windows 7 Professional (64bit) + Outlook 2007 Professional (64bit). Latest software and security updates were installed for both applications.

- Exchange 2007

It is very common for Outlook to run simultaneously on more than one computer at multiple locations.

The problem we are having is that Outlook calendar view will change without any interaction from the end user from 'Day/View/Month' to 'All Appointments'. Obviously this is very annoying as he has to go in and change it back.

So far we have determined that when Calendar switches to 'All Appointments', Calendar view in OWA is not affected. In addition other machines that are running are Outlook at the same time are not affect. It appears that that the issue is local for that machine.
We have opened a case with Microsoft for this issue but the were unable to determine why it keeps happening.

Where should I start looking for the problem? Unfortunately, asking him to use only a single machine and one instance of Outlook is not an option. At thisi time we are not ready to upgrade him to Outlook 2010.

Is there any way that iPhone/iPad that syncs with his Exchange account could affect the calendar view?

In the past we have tried outlook.exe /resetviews but that did not help.

Any help/suggestions/recommendations is appreciated.


I will try resetting Day/Week/Month view - maybe it will help.

Thank you.
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