Outlook 2010 marking legitimate email as junk

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I have an Office 2010 user (Windows 7 Enterprise) who has updated her Junk mail rules to mark several senders as safe senders; however, whenever she receives email from these safe senders, the emails go into her Junk mail folders. She does not have block rules for these senders, nor are the doamins blocked. Any idea why the emails would go to the junk folder??

Sally Tang


Based on my knowledge, normally e-mail addresses and domain names on the Safe Senders list should be never treated as junk e-mail, regardless of the content of the message. My research shows that this issue may occur in several situations, such as third party conflicts or corrupt Junk E-mail rule. I would like to provide you with the following suggestions to troubleshoot this issue:

Step 1:

Please make sure these email senders do not appear in the Blocked Senders List.

Step 2:

This issue can be caused by third party antivirus or firewalls which may keep scanning incoming messages and cause conflicts with Outlook.

Therefore, if you have installed any third party antivirus programs or firewalls, please temporarily disable all of them to see if it is helpful in resolving this problem.

Step 3:

If this issue still occurs, I suggest we use Mdbvu32.exe to remove the Junk E-mail rule folder and test the issue again. To do so:

Note 1: Please temporarily disable Cached Exchange Mode before take actions. If you are not using an Exchange account, please let me know the type of your email account as the steps may be different.

Note 2: Please back up the mailbox before doing so. If you have configured any rules in Outlook, please click the Home tab, Rules -> Manage rules & alerts menu -> Options -> Export Rules for a backup.

1. Quit Outlook and start the Mdbvu32.exe utility on the client computer.

This utility is located on the following folder on your Exchange Server CD: CD-ROM_Drive\Server\Support\Utils\I386. You can also get it from the following link:


2. In the MAPILogonEx(MAPI_LOGON_UI) dialog box, click OK (you do not need to set any flags).

3. In the MDB Viewer Test Application window, click MBD - OpenMessageStore.

4. Click Mailbox - ''<ProfileName>'', and then click Open.

5. In the MDB Viewer Test Application window, click MBD - Open Root Folder.

6. In the Child Folders pane of the MAPI_FOLDER - Root window, double-click IPM_SUBTREE.

7. In the Child Folders pane of the MAPI_FOLDER - IPM_SUBTREE window, double-click Inbox.

8. Examine the contents of the Associated Messages in Fld list where all your rules are listed and select Junk E-mail Rule.

9. In the Operations available (Select operation, then push Call Function button) text box, click the down arrow to open the list of available functions.

10. Click lpFld ->DeleteMessages() (ON SELECTED MSGS), and then click Call Function.

11. In the MAPI_FOLDER - Inbox ->DeleteMessages() dialog box, click OK to delete the rule that you selected.

12. Click Close three times.

13. In the MDB Viewer Test Application dialog box, click Store Logoff on the MDB menu, and then click OK twice.

14. In the MDB Viewer Test Application dialog box, click Exit on the Session menu.

15. Restart Outlook and test the issue again.

Sally Tang


Sally Tang


I am writing to see how everything is going with this issue. Is the problem resolved? If there is anything I can do for you, please feel free to let me know.

Sally Tang


Sally Tang


As I have not heard from you for several days. I will go ahead and close this thread. If this issue is not resolved or you have any questions, please feel free to reply to us and this thread will be re-opened.

Sally Tang



I'm having a similar issue. I cant blame the original poster for not responding to a 15 point list of things to do to correct for sloppy design (not saying thats your fault of couse, but its typically microsoft).
I have contact form enquiries that are going to the junk filter. They are from different people each time. Because some genius at microsft decided to make the rules ignore what it had decided was junk, then I have no way of moving these emails to the correct folder. How about a checkbox in the junk mail settings to choose whether the junk mail filter runs before or after rules?Seeing as these are arguably the most important emails I get it is, to say the least, frustrating.

I'd be curious to know what criteria the junk filter uses. 90% of it is email that has already been marked as spam by spamassassin. The remaining 10% is half spam and half false positives.

I've switched off the junk filter to see if that works.
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