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Thomas McLaughlin - tomax7

Here is a questionv from my admin friend:

In Outlook 2010, if I am the originator of an appointment and sent an email blast out to my company, I get the accept and declined, as well as no responses.

A few questions:

1. You can't sort the tracking window right? Kinda dumb trying to sort through 300 names. What I do is copy and paste into Excel and then sort between the Accepted, the Declined and No Responses.

2. In 2003 if you unchecked the box beside a person's name in the tracker, they don't receive any more emails. If you do it in 2010, they get another email because when you close the window it asks if you wish to send responses to accepted and deleted users. I assume unchecking them make them a deleted user?

3. How do I then send an email to all my Accepted people with updates or a new email on what to bring to the meeting/party/get together? Or how do I get a quick listing of the 'no response' people to put a fire under their butt to answer?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hi Thomas,

#1 You are correct. No way to sort the list of responses. Your current method is what I've heard the most. Another way to do it is programmatically.

Here"s the code I used against the Appointment currently opened: I used the VB Editor from Outlook.

This will help with your third question, but you can alter the code to sort out responses. --Probably a lot easier to paste into Excel, though. :)

'DISCLAIMER: The code is provided only as a courtesy to our customers. It is not supported in any way by Microsoft.

Private Sub status()

Dim appointment As Outlook.AppointmentItem

Dim recips As Outlook.Recipients

Dim i As Integer

Dim mail As Outlook.MailItem "this is the email you want to send to the attendees

Set appointment = Outlook.ActiveInspector.CurrentItem

Set recips = appointment.Recipients

For i = recips.Count To 1 Step -1
If recips.Item(i).MeetingResponseStatus = olResponseAccepted Then
Set mail = Outlook.CreateItem(olMailItem)
mail.To = recips.Item(i).Address
mail.Save 'saves to Drafts folder
mail.Send 'Or send out.
End If
'do a case statement for each of the various response Accepted, Declined, None, Tentative, etc


Set appointment = Nothing

Set mail = Nothing

End Sub


Here are the various MeetingResponseStatus options:
olResponseAccepted, olResponseDeclined, olResponseNone, olResponseNotResponded, olResponseOrganized, olResponseTentative
#2 In Outlook 2010, when you uncheck " Send meeting to this attendee" this will require an Update to be sent. The attendee you've unchecked will receive a Cancellation for the meeting, but they will still be listed as an Attendee from Scheduling Assistant or Tracking.
#3 See the code above. This macro's function was to send email out to the attendees who Accepted the invite.To tweak it for your purposes, you'd switch olResponseNone for olResponseAccepted.

Hope that helps!

Jahawk MSFT

Thomas McLaughlin - tomax7

Thanks JaHawk.

Was hoping there was an easier answer ;-)
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