Windows Live Mail Not Syncing With GoDaddy IMAP Email Account, Will Outlook 2010 Be Any Better?

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I recently decided to move away from Thunderbird for my email client of choice. It was corrupting attachments and would randomly change font style while I was composing messages. I was about to buy Outlook 2010 when a friend of mine suggested that I try Windows Live Mail first. I love the product with one major exception: the inbox won't stay synced with my GoDaddy-hosted IMAP email account. I called GoDaddy and they went over my settings and said that everything was correct. They did some server-side adjustment just to make sure it wasn't their problem and it made no difference. I'm tempted to just chalk it up to "You get what you pay for," and buy Outlook 2010, but I'm afraid that I may have the same problem and be out $140 for nothing. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!



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