Bug? Forwarded message body is blank

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Craig Putnam

I have a set of MSG files that were created by Outlook 2010. When I open one of these files that has attachments in Outlook 2003 or 2007, then try to forward that message, the body of the original message is missing in the forwarded message. My guess is that Outlook 2010 creates a slightly incompatible MSG file that trips up earlier versions of Outlook. Can anyone confirm if this is a known bug or if I'm just doing it wrong?

Harry Yuan


What is the format of the message? --Html, Plain Text, Rich Text? So you can try to change the message format to check.

If not help, check the messages in the safe mode, see if the issue is caused by some 3rd-party add-ins

<Start->Run->Outlook /safe>



Craig Putnam

The message format is HTML.

When I edit the message in any way (including right-clicking the message, choosing edit, and doing nothing), forwarding works properly.

I disabled add-ins (just one: Newforma Project Center Client Seventh Edition) and started Outlook in safe mode - the problem still occurs.