Contact's birthday changes after synchronization with Hotmail

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Gennadiy Lokhov

Office Version: Office 2010Operating System: Windows 7 x64

I use Outlook with the Hotmail account. When I add birthday to a contact and synchronize contacts with Hotmail, birthday in the Contact Window (Detail Page) is still correct, but birthday in the List View of all contacts is one day earlier (e.g. 12/23/2010 in the Contact Window and 12/22/2010 in the List View). Whatever I do, I always have the same one day difference after synchronization with Hotmail.

If I then synchronize my contacts in Nokia Ovi Suite with Outlook, I get wrong birthday from the List View.

Is there any solution for that issue?

P.S. Time zone in Hotmail: Berlin, Deutschland - CET

Time zone on the computer and in Outlook: (UTC+01:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna


Jahawk MSFT


Sounds like your time zone is not the same as the Hotmail server's time zone.

With that idea in mind, go into your Contacts list in Hotmail and edit a Contact. Add a Birthday to the Contact and then save changes and refresh the page.

Then update the Contacts folder in Outlook and see what the date shows for the Birthday.

Also, while in the Contacts folder's list view in Outlook (you'll need to add the Birthday column to the view if you haven't already):

Open\or create a new Contact and add a birthdate to a Contact and save\close.

Update the Hotmail account from Send/Receive | Send/Receive Groups | "<your hotmail account" Only | Inbox

Does the date change immediately for the Birthday?

Anyways, this sounds like a Hotmail issue and I don't know of a way around the issue other than to take into account the 1 day difference and set the Birthday accordingly.

But, that will work only as long as the Hotmail server stays the way it is. If it should change something, your birthdays could be affected.

Sorry to not have a good answer for you!

Jahawk MSFT
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