BCM 2007 Cannot Connect to Shared Database

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I have the following setup:

Windows 7 machine (desktop) running Outlook 2007 with BCM.

Windows 7 laptop running Outlook 2007 with BCM.

The BCM database is located on the desktop, and has been successfully shared on the laptop.

The laptop was connecting as online when at home fine and syncing correctly until last week.

Now the laptop can't find the BCM database and always is 'offline'.

Around this time, the phone company came and installed a new DSL modem/router.

The laptop can connect to the internet wireless and can access the shared folders on the desktop.

The laptop and desktop are both set up on the same Workgroup and Homegroup (none of this should have changed).

Any ideas what could be causing the laptop to no longer be able to connect to the BCM database?

I've tried dropping the offline database on the laptop, but when I try to connect to a new remote BCM database, when I click on the computer name and the 'connect' button in BCM, it says it cannot find the computer.

I have verified that the BCM on the desktop still has the username and password that I have on the laptop as sharing for the BCM database.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




What is the exact error message that BCM is displaying?
Can you Take a look at the KB article below and try the steps in the section labeled " Verify the connection to the SQL database" ? That might tell us if the problem is on the BCM side or perhaps on the SQL/Networking Side

953745 How to troubleshoot database sharing issues in Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager


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