Language problems Exchange 2010 - Outlook 2007 after importing pst files

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S. Sj. van Dellen

We've got an major exchange 2010 problem. When importing a pst file using exchange 2010 powershell the language settings for 'inbox' is wrong. It has to be in dutch (Postvak In). The imported pst is dutch (has Postvak In). The client is Outlook 2007.

When creating a new mailbox, logging the user on, opening Outlook 2007 one time and then importing the pst it works great. But this is not an option. We've got 1800+ account and it's is just not possible to log them on one-by-one.

The option 'outlook.exe /resetfoldernames' also does not work.

When enabling owa en use that to set de default language it also work.

Is this a bug? Has anyone got an answer or a solution

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Sijtze Sj. van Dellen

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Zorggroep Alliad


Troy Werelius

I have not seen this at all, however;
How were the PST's generated? You say you can manually import them via Outlook 2007 and all is well? We make a product called DigiScope that might be able to assist and if you would like to test I can get you a test 1 day test license to see we can overcome this issue. Interested? Troy Werelius

Novak Wu

I am sorry that it seems that you have requested support for a localized product. Since we do not familiar with this language, it is very difficult for us to perform further troubleshooting steps, such as capture the log file. These newsgroups are geared to answer on the English version of the product. For support for localized versions we request that use the support resources appropriate to that language. Please visit and click on the Worldwide Sites link to find the appropriate resources for your language.

If the issue is urgent to your business, it is recommended that you contact Microsoft Product Support Services via telephone so that a dedicated Support Professional can assist you recover the server in a more efficient manner. Please be advised that contacting phone support will be a charged call.

To obtain the phone numbers for specific technology request please take a look at the web site listed below.;EN-US;PHONENUMBERS

If you are outside the US please see for regional support phone numbers.

Thank you for your understanding.

Novak Wu
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