What permissions needs for booking room in exchange 2010

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What are the permissions that users needs for booking them room reservation? Users that members of " Domain users" only could not book room, the request is arrived to the room mailbox but not proceed even it marked to auto proceed. but other users that members in other security groups can booked them requests to the room (the mailbox is proceeds them request automatically). Thanks

Gulab Mallah

What is the error message you are getting?

what happens when you remove that user from the group and add it back again
Try disable and enable the user in AD

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Novak Wu


Please open the Properties of the security group and check the “Member of” option. Please compare the difference between the security group and the group with the problematic user"s, and then let us know the result.

Based on my research, there is no specific privilege for the client to book Meeting Room. As Stephen mentioned, after setting the room to " Auto Accept" , the room will be set as public room.

At this stage, I suggest you refer to the following articles to create a new Reference Room Mailbox and check the result.



Also, you can try to book the room via OWA or another client machine with Outlook for a test. If there is any error message or Event Log, please let me know.


Novak Wu


Hi, Thank you for your advice.

I have follow exactly according the step by step and same is occured.

Here are my steps:

New-Mailbox -database " SecondDB" -Name ConfRoom1 -OrganizationalUnit " Unassigned Users" -DisplayName " ConfRoom1" -UserPrincipalName ConfRoom1@mydomain.com -Room
[PS] C:\Windows\system32>Get-ResourceConfig
Name ResourcePropertySchema
---- --------------------
Resource Schema {Room/Whiteboard, Room/TV, Room/AV}
Set-Mailbox -Identity " Confroom1" -ResourceCustom (" TV" ) -ResourceCapacity 20
Set-CalendarProcessing " Confroom1" -AutomateProcessing AutoAccept

When I am sending meeting to this room I am getting the acknowledge:

Your request was accepted.

Sent by Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
But when regular user sending the meeting request is arrive to the inbox of the mailbox but not processing.

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