Exchange 2010 with DAG into the same storage

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Yuri Raphael

I´m designing a solution for a customer that have a storage solution.

I´m confusing about having 2 types of redundancy because DAG would replicate information to one another database that´s into the same storage. I´m worry about getting much more space than needed to desing this.


Yuri Poloni.

Brian Day MCITP

Hi Yuri,

If all DAG nodes are storing their data into the same storage solution, then some risks must be accepted within the design. This means a failure of the storage solution could result in the loss of data. But.... since you have multiple copies of the data you do have redundancy at the application layer which will help if individual DAG servers fail for some reason. You'll also have better logical protection since Exchange will be able to do data validation checks on each individual data copy.

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