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Neil Hiorns

We have implimented the Room List / Finder as detailed in the article

We are currently running Exchange 2010 (no SP1 at the moment) on Windows 2008 R2. We have setup a number of Room Finders based on location and initially this work for all of them, however, one of the locations when you select " Show a room list:" immediately changes to none. I have removed all the rooms in question as members of this Room List, waited some time to allow replication around the company and then re-added them - still have the same problem. I then removed all the rooms and then completly deleted the room list so the group could not be seen both in Exchange and within ADUC. Again I wait some time to allow replication to occur, then I recreated the Room List and added the appropriate room mailboxes and again it is failing. All other room lists are working correctly.

Where can I look to diagnostic purposes or has anybody seen a similar isse?

Neil Hiorns

Since posting I have narrowed the issue down to one room that is part of the Room Finder List. If I remove this one room then it works again. I will investigate what is different about this room compared to the others.

Allen Song


If possible, please try to remove the room and recreate it. You can also run get-mailboxcalendarsettings to check whether any difference between the problematic room and the working room.



Allen Song

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