Add category via VBA in Outlook 2010 x64 not working?

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Remco Tiel


I've followed the instructions on to automatically BCC mail in Outlook 2010 x64 when sending mail, this all works well. But I want to add a category to this mail and I'm not able to get this to work. I've been told that this is disabled on default in Outlook 2010 (Exchange 2010 SP1), but you could enable this to apply the following registry settings:

" AcceptCategories" =dword:00000001
" SendPersonalCategories" =dword:00000001

After I apply these settings my Visual Basic code is not working anymore when I send mail, not even after a reboot. I've to repair the Outlook installation to get it to work again. Is it possible to add a category to a mail you send?

Thnx Remco


So, you want to add category when composing a new message, so that the delivered message will have existing category when the recipient gets it, right?

Yes. It's disabled. Exchange server will remove the categories on the messages by default. So, you have change the value of “ClearCategories” to “False” on the exchange server, which is set to “True” by default. Then, the category will go to recipient's mailbox

Set-TransportConfig -ClearCategories:$False

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