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Hey Guys,

One of the users in our organization has a mailbox on the exchange server 2010, which is synced with the company's Iphone 4, and does not use outlook at all. The user unfortunately deleted one of the important contacts and emails by accident. Is there a way to recover those contacts and email? I could have easily recovered it through BESX if the user had a blackberry, but is there a way to recover through exchange?



Win 2k3 DC/AD

Exchange 2010

BESX server

This talks about recovering a mailbox, but what about a few contacts and mail in an existing mailbox?

AndyD_ [MVP]

Check the deleted items folder and dumpster of the mailbox. If its within the deleted item retention period, it should be there.

WOW i feel like such a rookie... Found the contacts and emails in deleted items. Didn't know contacts went in deleted items once deleted and also didn't know that if a user doesn't use outlook and uses an iphone it still syncs all outlook folders.

Thanks a lot for this.
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