Users migrated from exchange 2003 cannot manage Distribution lists from Outlook

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We are in the middle of transitioning Exchange 2003 users to Exchange 2010.The problem we are having is that once users move across to Exch2010 they are not able to manage any distribution lists they own. I have followed everything in the following article

They can now edit DL membership if they use OWA/ECP, however, when they try to manage the same DL thorough Outlook 2003/2007 or 2010 they still receiving the error "Changes to the distribution list membership could not be saved. You do not have sufficient permission to perform this operation on this object"
Any newly created DL can be managed by both OWA and Outlook clients.

Our current setup is

1 Windows 2003 forest,

1 domain (native mode).

2 sites

5 dc of which 4 are global catalogue servers

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Gulab Mallah

How many users are affected with it?
What if you create new user on 2010 and check, is it behaving the same?
Is it happening with OLD DL or with New DL as well?

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Hi Gulab, Thanks for your response!

We have 8000 users still on our Exchange 2003 organisation with 150 pilot users transitioned onto our Exchange 2010 organisation. So far none of the pilot users can manage any DL they owned whilst on Exch2003 via any of the Outlook clients, but can via OWA.

Basically, newly created Exch2010 users can manage both old and newly created DL

Old transitioned users can manage newly created DL from their Outlook client, but cannot manage old DL created on Exchange 2003 from Outlook


Gulab Mallah


Post the error message! and compare the permission between working and non working user.

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Hi do.me74,

Any updates on your issue?

What's the type of the group? If it is non-universal group, please change it to universal one as docwtsn said.



Hi Guys,

Changeing the groups to universal groups done the trick. Thanks very much for your help!