Outlook goes offline after changing RPCClientAccessServer parameter on mailbox database

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I have 2 EX2K10 SP1 servers (EX1 and EX2) with the HUB-CAS-MBX roles. 1 domain, 1 site.
Both servers are in a DAG. 4 mailbox databases have a copy on both servers.
My outlook client is configured for a maibox in mailbox database " MBX1"

I recently created a CAS array with fqdn exchange.domain.com
For now I use DNS round robin as kind of load balancing, I created 2 A-records with low TTL for exchange.domain.com pointing to the IP addresses of both CAS servers.

Then, I changed the RPCClientAccessServerparameter of MBX1 to exchange.domain.com instead of EX1.domain.com

Now, when I restart my outlook 2010 client, when I check the account settings, it is still pointing to EX1. Why is that? I expected autodiscover to change that to exchange.domain.com

To force the change, I hit te repair button in E-mail account settings. I get the message " You must restart Outlook for these changes to take effect" . After restarting outlook I get another message " The Microsoft Exchange administrator has made a change that requires you quit and restart Outlook" . When I hit OK, outlook opens but in offline modus. In the account settings, now it is pointing to the exchange.domain.com.
When I do another restart of outlook, it still stays in offline modus. I have to manually disable this to be connected.

So I have 2 questions:
1. When exactly will outlook clients pick up the change of RPCClientAccessServer in their profile?
2. Why is my outlook client in offline modus when the change is picked up?

I have the same problem with outlook 2007. I reproduced the problem in a lab environment.

Can anyone help me with this please? The issue is preventing me for doing the change on production mailboxdatabases.


I had the same issue. The fix i came by was to install CAS array on dedicated CAS boxes, now i can move them all day long without issue. It seems to be a problem with CAS being on the MB server, but I have no additional details.http://exchangedeepthoughts.blogspot.com


Thank you for the answer but extra boxes = extra licenses, not an option for me.

Microsoft says you can have a full HA solution with only 2 boxes but apparently you get this kind of issues when you do put all roles on those boxes.

Did find this on http://www.scottfeltmann.com/index.php/2010/06/28/outlook-profile-not-updating-after-creating-cas-array/
" As it turns out there is a Bug in Outlook 2007 (and apparently 2010) where the users profile will not update to the new CAS Array after changing the RPCClientAccessServer property on existing databases. Instead the profile will remain until the profile is updated or the target is taken off line. To resolve the issue you have to update the users Outlook Profile." Nice one.

Does anyone know if there is already a fix for this bug?

Allen Song


Until now, there is still no update avaiable as I know. If it's updated, I will inform you.



Gulab Mallah

For how long it stays in disconnected state?Gulab | Skype: gulab.mallah
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