Exchange server 2010 cannot update default offline address book

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I got a error message when update the default offline address book. Then I try to create other offline address book but it display same error.

My system: Windows server 2008 Std R2, Exchange server 2010

Failed to generate the content of the offline address book '\Default Offline Address Book'. Two possible reasons for the failure are that the System Attendant Service is not running or you do not have permission to perform this operation. Error message : 'Error 0x6d9 (There are no more endpoints available from the endpoint mapper) from RpcEpResolveBinding'.

Error 0x6d9 (There are no more endpoints available from the endpoint mapper) from RpcEpResolveBinding

Please help! Thanks

leo chui


Something should be pay attention:

1. You need to have the correct permissions to the system attendant mailbox on the generation server. It is very possible that you have an active directory replication latency if you have multiple domain controllers.

2. You could be having a problem binding to domain controller. OABGen makes NSPI calls to the LSASS service on the gc. Since you demoted the GC and and moved to a new one it is possible that the new server doesn't have the NSPI port registered. You can use the NTDS settings to uncheck the server from being a domain contorller if it is checked and wait 15 minutes or reboot the server after you make the change.

3. If this is Exchange 2010 and you are using powershell, powershell will make remote calls to the powershell service on the exchange server. If your system attendant is not started, this will be a problem. Exchange will run with the system attendant service stopped.

4. Did you running something else on the server?

Gulab Mallah

I Agree with LEO.

Check the binding order on the exchange server.
Check if newly introduced DC is GC as well.

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