Problem: the clients in our network have no connection to MS Exchange 2007. All mails remain in queue

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buur ronald

Today all of a sudden the emails received in exchange 2007 are not delivered to the clients (outlook). Sending mails is not possible either.

I have rebooted the server but nothing happened, the mails remained in the queue. Does anyone know how to solve this? Thanx!

Ripu Daman


In which queue mail are stuck, which server is it : Hub or mailbox or all server are on same box, is the connection with AD is proper, are user able to access mail in OWA, what is the status of Mapi account in outlook.

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Test-PopConnectivity cmdlet is used to test the functionality of the POP3 services. Some of the key parameters to use with the cmdlet include the –ClientAccessServer and –MailboxCredential parameters to create a logon either via POP3.

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For this issue, I suggest you follow these steps to troubleshoot the problem:

1. Please check whether all the services are started.

2. Use queue viewer to see which queue mails are stuck.

3. Please check the Event log on your Exchange Server and clients, if there is any error, please paste here in your next post.

4. Use Best Practices Analyzer tool to do a health check for the Exchange Server. (If there is any error, please follow the suggestions to resolve the problems.)

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please help me collect the information at your convenience, with the information, we can help you more efficiently.


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