Mobile Acess to MS Exchange 2010 - "connection to the server failed" error

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Users were previously were connected to Exchange 2007 via activesync with both iPhone 3GS ver 4.1 and Droid smartphone and all was working fine. Upgraded Exchange system to 2010 and now users cannot get connectivity from same phone. During this upgrade, domain name changed.

Can set up accounts of other users to these phones and they get into email system fine

We have 3 users who are not getting their mail over their mobile devices and we can set up these users on other mobile devices and mobile access works fine.

When we look in Exchange accounts, the Manage Mobile Device tab is present only on these accounts which do not connect. Other users who are connecting fine do not have the Manage Mobile Device tab.

Removed iphone devices from Manage Mobile Device tab and tried to reset, but to no avail.

Wiped out entire mobile phone and tried to reset Exchange account - still cannot connect to server. During setup, receive message " Cannot Verify Server Identity" . I go into Details and accept the certificate it displays (which is our certificate - it comes up Not Trusted). Certificate expires Sept 2011. Upon acceptance, it goes through verifying and accepts - allows me to save - then goes through until configured sync.

It looks like the account is set up fine, but when we go into Exchange email, message comes up Cannot get Mail " The connection to the server failed."

It appears it has something to do with these users on these specific devices. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Alexei Segundo

Check to see if the three users are members of groups protected by the AdminSDHolder. You can use adfind.exe from to do this.

adfind -default -f " (&(homemdb=*)(admincount=1))" 1.1

Exchange 2010 cannot set certain ActiveSync specific attributes on protected objects, so you will need to remove them from the protected groups for ActiveSync to work. You will also need to enable permissions inheritance on the AD user objects once you have done this.

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