cannot connect with more then 5 current users to outlook anywhere exchange 2007

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Martijn Verhulst

I've installed SBS 2008.

I installed outlook anywhere, which works fine for 5 current users.

When the 6th user want to use outlook through outlook anywhere they can't connect. If one of the 5 currenct users closes outlook he can connect.

How can I fix this, I have about 10 users who need to use outlook anywhere.

OWA works fine, Everyone can login.

The clients have XPSP3/Vista with Outlook 2007

I have exchange 2007 SP2

Ripu Daman


I think there is some problem with config since outlook anywhere is not for 5 users only, try recheck the config have a look into these posts :

First, please try the online testing tool to narrow down the cause of the issue:

For auto-discovery
Then paste the log of the result on the forum.
Additionally, the instruction for how to make Outlook Anywhere work as below link:

Also disable IP V 6, do let us know if this doesn't help or more info is required.

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As per my knowledge, there is no such setting for Exchange servers.

The thing you have to chek is

1. IIS Server: The number of simultaneous connections to the web site that the OWA directories(exchange, public, exchweb) may be limited there.

2. ISA Server: Check there for any such rules for incoming connections

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Khoj Sahiwala

Increasing Disgnostic logging for outlook anywhere would also be helpful
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