Outlook 2007 offline created emails stuck in Outbox

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A customer is using Outlook 2007 with a SBS 2008 Exchange Server. He is often out of office and works using a VPN connection.

Emails send while working over the VPN connection, often stays in the outbox. They have a sent date, but after a while the sent date of some of them change to " none" . He can open these emails and click on the send button again, but they remain in the outbox. According to the message tracking these emails are not sent.
The problem exists also when he is in the office, but apparently other users don't have the problem.

He is very frustrated, because the only possibility is to rewrite the email or even to send it using his private email account, and so am I because I don't know where to search anymore! I created a new outlook profile, deleted the ost file and did a repair of outlook.

- Small Business Server 2008 - SP2
- Exchange 2007 SP1 - Update RollUp 10 (installation of SP3 is planned)
- Office 2007 SP2

Any suggestion would be very appreciated!!

Kind regards

Gen Lin


Does the problem also happen when using OWA?

Try to run the outlook on online mode and see if the issue persists:

a. Click Tools->Options->Mail setup tab->E-mail Accounts.
b. Highlight the outlook account, click Change.
c. Uncheck the " Use Cached Exchange mode" checkbox and restart the outlook.



I have the same issue as well. I have multiple users that are running cached exchange mode with Outlook 2007 and running Exchange 2007. Every time they send an email, the email gets to the recipient but a copy gets stuck in the outbox. Not an urgent matter but a nuisance for these people. Any other thoughts or suggestions on why or how to resolve this issue?



Thanks for replying.

Already testet. The problem only exists if the emails have been created offline.
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