How to avoid the 'Exchange'-transcription of known mailadresses in the TO-field of mails

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Hubert Köppen

We are working with an Outlook-VBA-program to generate surveys per mail - send to any kind of mail clients including mobile ones. It generates mails with clickable hyperlinks in the body of the mail to answer with OK , not OK or "Request of change" . All theses mails are answerable on any simple HTML-Mailclient on any smartphone etc. and lead to clena subject lines in all replies. But here is a problem with Exchange (here Outlook 2002 with Exchange 2003, soon to be upgraded - but should be roughly the same in all variants): If an internal contact is chosen via the global adresslist - and even if the mailadress is found to be in it - then the adress is changed from: to "dog, karl" (underlined) - and our VBA-program fails because it has no mailadress to use. It will run if at least it can find something with an @ like " Dog, Karl <" - maybe surrounded by semicolons etc. How can I tell my exchange server or Outlook NOT to change complete mailadresses - or even insert complete ones after choosing them from the global adresslist? Couldn't I at least stop somehow the checking of handwritten mailadresses ? Hubert Köppen

Hubert Köppen

which I did now - thanks ... ... but do you have any help on this problem

Ed Crowley [MVP]

I'm not a developer, sorry.Ed Crowley MVP "There are seldom good technological solutions to behavioral problems."

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