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I host three different websites in my office, each with different domains. eg., My internal active directory and dns is I have exchange 2010 on a server and outlook 2010 on the clients. Exchange is receiving emails as * I want to setup ad,dns,exchange, outlook so I can send and receive email to and from each domain,,, info@xyz but all displayed and accessible from my same login. I want each domain data files to be in its own file and accessable by more than one user. I'd appreciate some guidance on how to set this up.




Thanks for the Outlook links but these do not address my first problem, which is how to set up exchange 2010 to receive emails for different domains, each going to their own account.

Exchange seems to be restricting me to adding email accounts only for my active directory internal domain name. This domain name is not my url domain nor the domain name I want used in my email. How do I change it to the domain name I need to use in my email and how do I create email accounts for other domain names. eg. My internal ad is named '', I want to send and receive email as and I also want to send and receive email for other url's under our control, Any suggestions on this would be appreciated.



Anil K Singh

Hi Rick,

If i understand your question correctly.

Ques: You want receive mail for domain and in Exchange 2010

Ans: Yes, you can configure exchange 2010 for recive mail for other/new domain also, Please find below KB for same question.

Configure Exchange 2010 to Accept E-Mail for More Than One Authoritative Domain::



Ripu provides the link about how to put multiple MAPI accounts in a same profile, so that you can access all accounts in same mail profile

Anil provides the link about how to create the mailboxes that have email addresses you want, like, and

So, for a user who needs to send & receive with 3 different email addresses, you can create 3 mailboxes associated with different email address policy respectively, and then put them into one mail profile

James Luo