Exch 2007 / Outlook 2003 - Over message limit inconsistencies

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Mark Puchalski


We are setting message size limits on E2k7 - previously unlimited, now 75MB. Limit is set in Transport Settings only.

Client is Outlook 2003 / SP3

Some users and/or workstations get Outlook dialog when trying to attach more than 75. Others don't get dialog and can submit the message, which fails. So the limit is working just fine, but I'm confused as to why some get the pop-up dialog while composing the message, and others can compose and submit the message to Exchange.

I can duplicate this with my account on two different machines, each machine exibits different behaviour. Same OS level, same app and patches.

Is there a way to enforce the Outlook pop-up while composing the message?


Hi Mark,
Per your description, firstly, you set the message limits as 75MB, in my opinion, it is too large, and is not recommended.
About the message size limits, there are several points you could check, you could refer to below:
Per the issue you describle, what the exactly information does the dialog poped up?
Please chek the issue user's message size limits, and make a test with a new outlook profile.

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