Automatically forward ALL outgoing/sent emails to another email adddress (not just for a specific distribution list)

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Larry Nathanson


I would like to ask you if there's a way to forward/redirect all my outgoing/sent emails to another email adddress using rules in OWA/Outlook.

I know that I can do this to distrubtion lists that I create, but I want to automatically forward to any/all emails that I send

Thanks for your help


Serena Li

Hi Larry,

Do you mean you want to forward/redirect the emails to which you sent to another email address in Outlook/OWA?

To achieve your goal, I think you should associate with the specific account which you want to send the copy to in your Outlook first. And then please follow the step below (I suppose you are using Outlook 2007):
Click “Tools” on the menu bar and select “Rules and Alerts”, and then click the “New Rule” button. Click the “Start from a blank rule” radio button. Highlight “Check messages after sending” and click “Next”. Skip the step 1, click “Next” and we choose “Yes”. Select “move a copy to the specific folder”, and then choose a folder(Inbox) of which account you are associate with. Click “Next” two times and specific a name for this rule. Click “Finish”.

Hope it helps.

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