One user cannot access availability or download address book

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I have a single server Exchange 2007 SP2 environment, everyone except for one user can see availability. The user has a fresh install of Office 2007 and has had all the latest patches applied to it. She still cannot see availability, it just says no information is available.

In addition when trying to download the offline address book it gives an error saying object not found.

I have tried both cached and non-cached modes and deleted the ost files a couple of times. This has been going on now for months and I need to get this off my plate as it is beginning to cause productivity issues for the end user.

Thanks for the help!

Sembee [MVP]

Does it follow the user to another machine?

If not, then wipe the machine.
If it does, recreate the user account. Single user issues are rarely worth doing little with.


Simon Butler, Exchange MVP
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Allen Song


If the issue persits after trying another computer, you can also move the user to the other database, then check this issue again.



Allen Song