Microsoft Outlook Calender Problems

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I am using Microsoft outlook 2010 calender facility through microsoft exchange i have recurring appointments in public calenders and when 1 is cancelled if i right click my mouse i am supposed to be able to delete the 1 occurance when i do this all occurances for what i am attempting to delete are removed and I then have to re-type all information back in . Can I ask does anyone know how to resolve this?

I utilise the public diaries for web access via third parties and need to be able to make amendments to regular bookings in our premises

AndyD_ [MVP]

Public Folders are not really good places for calendars. I recommend using a resource mailbox instead.


try opening the appointment (only this occurrence) and delete it.

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Serena Li


Any update on your issue?

Per HereToHelp said, when you try to delete the occurrence of a recurring appointment, did you chose “delete occurrence”? If you choose “delete series”, the recurring appointment will delete. Conversely, it will only delete the occurrence of the recurring appointment.

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